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Our purchasing personnel have extensive experience with aircraft specifications and performance in private, commercial and military sectors. Prospective purchasers of new and pre-owned aircraft will find we offer highly valuable personal attention. The knowledge and experience of Aviation Experts LLC advisors when comparing various aircraft and features will result in an ideal match up of aircraft to buyer’s needs. Aviation Experts LLC advisors are not compensated by a particular aircraft manufacture or dealer. Therefore, Aviation Experts LLC purchase advisors are available to assist purchasers secure an aircraft best suited to their own personal needs, without any sales pressure or conflict of interest. Our in house legal team will insure the purchasing contract represents our buyer’s best interest. After purchase we can provide flight operations and aircraft maintenance. We have programs available that will allow your aircraft to earn income when you’re not using it greatly reducing total operating costs.

Please contact us to discover how we can assist you owning an aircraft at a reasonable price.

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