Are you interested in utilizing a business aircraft for your travel needs? Would you like to have someone else manage and take care of all the details? Would you like to share the cost of owning a business aircraft with others, while not having to worry about scheduling conflicts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help.

Our personnel can match your needs with other individuals desiring to utilize business aircraft for their travel needs. We can either assist you in the purchase of a new aircraft to be shared with others or place you an existing fractional ownership program.

Aviation Experts LLC has programs available for single-engine aircraft, up to a worldwide fractional ownership network for multiple corporate aircraft. Both domestic and international travel programs can be created to suit your travel needs. Whatever your travel requirements and budget, we can create the program to suit you.

Please contact Ramin A. Pourteymour to discover how we can assist you owning an aircraft with others at a reasonable price at:

Ramin A. Pourteymour

Call: 1-866-4AV-8ING


Fractional Ownership

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