Aviation Experts can help you with ALL operational aspects of owning a military aircraft. Safety is paramount and is our specialty. Our staff experience spans over 10 years of safely operating military aircraft. We have contacts in the Department of Defense and United States Air Force to assist us in maintaining a safe operation. We also have contacts with some of the most experienced maintenance facilities in the world that specialize in military aircraft. When you consult with us you will be tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding safe military aircraft operations. Here are some of the operational issues we can assist you with:

  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Pilot staffing
  • Formation flight
  • Training manuals
  • Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)

Our goal is to insure your ownership is a safe and gratifying one. Owning a military aircraft is exciting and fun when done safely. Our fee structure is simple and economical.

Please contact Ramin A. Pourteymour to find out how we can help you establish, modify, manage or improve your military aircraft operation at:

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